getting married in 2020

Trends For Getting Married In 2020

2020 is proving a popular year for weddings with many choosing to delay or bring weddings forward so the happy couple are getting married in 2020 a special year

So if you are thinking of getting married in 2020 it is easy to see some of the trends that appear to being followed

The first is something different, we have seen a sharp rise in the number of photo booths etc but now people are looking for something a little different be it the way the waiters are dressed or additional unusual entertainments such as a tarot card reader or similar.

The second point is eco or sustainable weddings. this can mean the food served at the wedding is locally sourced and homemade. The flowers for the ceremony or wedding reception can be given away to local good causes or gifted to guests. The engaged couple can also choose for their special day to be zero plastic or zero waste.

Staying on the this theme many happy couples are choosing British flowers or arrangements that season willing are mainly locally sourced.  Floral trends include an abundance of scent and colour with interesting textures and shapes. The trend for bridal bouquets however, focuses on overflowing greenery with a nod to recent royal weddings.

There is also a noted trend to go big not necessarily in the number of guest but perhaps a celebration that takes place over a couple of days with sumptuous food and wine etc. the concept is alongside the ide of micro weddings where the guest list only includes close family and friends enabling the happy couple to get time to talk and spend time with all the guests to create some special memories

Some couples getting married in 2020 are considering adopting the trend of ditching the traditional wedding and adopting the idea of a cheese table in some cased dressed to look like a cake or alternatively a dessert table.

Whatever the season whatever the weather or time of day then special lighting is also a trend for those considering getting married in 2020. Mood lighting in particular is a strong trend for 2020. In the evenings after sunset lighting can be key in setting the tone and mood and bring a touch of sparkle and magic

If you are thinking of getting married in 2020, the Burn Hall Hotel York still has some dates available for 2020.  Our menus feature a range of homemade dishes highlighting local produce and the hotel works with a range of local companies including florists.

We offer a range of different wedding packages which can be found on our wedding and celebrations page and are also happy to create a bespoke taylor made package for your special day. Why not book an appointment to come t talk to us about your thoughts and dreams for your special day and to have a look around the hotel and the different ceremony and reception rooms? Speak to a member of our wedding team on 01347 8325400 or make an enquiry below

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