St Georges day

St Georges Day In North Yorkshire

St Georges Day is celebrated on the 23rd April , it is not only celebrated in the UK but also in other countries over the world where is sometimes called the Feast of St George. Traditionally  it had been custom to wear a red rose on St Georges Day but this is now rarely practiced. You are more likely to see a more recent tradition which is to fly the St George’s Cross flag . many pubs can be decorated on St Georges day with the flags. In churches and cathedrals on St Georges day or the Sunday closes to it It is customary for the hymn “Jerusalem” to be sung.

In modern day times many now regard the man we celebrate on St Georges day as as a dragon slayer, this became popular in the 14th century . The story behind this is that St George road into a city of Silene where the dragon was eating a resident daily , St George slay the dragon and freed the people. The strange point is that it is doubtful St George ever visited England, but tales were told about him from the 8th century . in teh 14th century however he became very popular and spiritually inspired the crusaders with his virtuous and chivalrous qualities.

Visit The St Georges Pageant In North Yorkshire

English Heritage actively supports and encourages the St Georges day celebrations and are giving people the opportunity to find out more about he myth of St Georges day . They are inviting people to “witness the ultimate showdown as gallant St George takes on his arch nemesis in England’s most legendary battle ” . This battle will take place of the St Georges day weekend on the 23rd-24th April and can be seen at the St Georges Day Pageant at Richmond Castle North Yorkshire .

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