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The Right Wedding Venue & Reception Do questions help?

With the cost of the average wedding day on the rise it is important that engaged couples make the right choices for their special day be it the wedding venue , colour scheme or wedding breakfast.  A US Lifestyle guru has devised 20 questions that she feels should be contemplated before decisions regarding a wedding are made. They are outlines in her new book Martha Stewart Wedding Ideas but below we explore some of these questions to see if she is on the right track for a UK wedding in North Yorkshire
The first 5 questions are
1. Where did you meet? 2. What did you do on your first date?
3. Where was your first holiday together? 4. What time of year do you love the most?
5.Where did you go as kids (summer holidays, family trips, summer abroad)?

These questions are designed to make you think and reminisce about your ideal wedding venue but other points may need to be taken into accounts such as budget, location of family, who your guests are etc. The next 5 questions seem fairly obvious
6. What colours do you gravitate toward? 7. Are you obsessed with a certain flower?
8. What song lyric or lines from a poem moves you the most? 9. Do you have a pet?
10 .What family heirloom would you cherish carrying on your day?

With the wedding venue sorted these are designed to identify the colour scheme for your wedding and flowers for your day but other points again should be taken into account such as the time of year , budget and whether the colour suits the engaged couple.The next 5 questions are to assist with the wedding reception, your wedding venue may also be the location for your reception depending on the type of wedding you go for
11. What bar do you frequent? 12. What’s your favourite sport or team?
13. What’s your go-to food? 14. What’s your favourite restaurant?
15. Do you share a guilty pleasure?

Whilst the answers may help seem a little off base it could help personalise your wedding. For instance if you always have chocolate cheesecake when you go to your favourite restaurant may be this should be your dessert for your wedding breakfast. One couple both adored pork pies and so their wedding cake was unusually an ornate pork pie although its more usual to have the more traditional cakes or something modern like chocolate biscuit cake.

The last 5 questions are meant to give ideas for extra touches to make your special day and wedding venue something that reflects the personalities of the happy couple
16. What are your hobbies, or do you collect anything? 17. What’s your number one film?
18. How would you describe your dream date night? 19. What are your nicknames?
20. Do you have a desert-island book or favourite quote?
These can give you ideas for wedding favours, names for the different tables at the wedding reception, decorations at the wedding venue etc

If you are planning your wedding in North Yorkshire why not speak to the wedding team at the Burn Hall Hotel York. We would be delighted to discuss your plans and ideas for your wedding day. We are a popular wedding venue and can offer a ceremony and reception or wedding reception after a church service or similar and are happy to tailor our wedding packages and menus so that they reflect the happy couple and their dreams for their special day. our wedding packages can be found on our Weddings Parties and Celebrations page. We currently have offers for some Spring and Summer dates please check our offers page for details or book to come and meet the team and have a look around the hotel please enquire below or call 01347 825400

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