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Rhubarb And Yorkshire

Rhubarb is synonymous with Yorkshire . This vegetable love or hate it has been part of the history of Yorkshire for many years. if you trace it back to the 1600s it was known as Rhacoma Root  and thought to be a highly regarded medicine or drug and thought to cure a number of ailments for those suffering was gut, lung and liver problems. From the 19th century rhubarb was used for culinary purposes and in 1877 the forcing of rhubarb began in Yorkshire. Yorkshire was the first place in the world where special buildings or sheds were set up especially for the purpose of growing rhubarb out of season. The Yorkshire growers developed the early basic technique for forcing rhubarb and made it their own.

The soil in the area proved perfect for growing and sustaining an excellent premium crop  which commanded a a premium price . With increased popularity so did the number of producers in the area increase thought at one time to be around 200 in number and with their success many other area in the UK stopped production The producers were gathered between Wakefield, Leeds and Bradford, which became and is still known today world wide as The Rhubarb Triangle, and is regarded the centre for the world’s production of forced rhubarb.

Rhubarb is not just for crumble and fool . It can be used as a great accompaniment in savoury dishes and makes excellent jam. It also can be used to make Rhubarb gin or vodka . if you are a foodie and curious to learn more about this wonderful food stuff and how it is produced then why not visit join one of the tours at one of Yorkshire’s producers in the Rhubarb triangle. tours are available for February and March 2017 at E Olroyd & sons Ltd and include a visit to the forcing sheds as well as talks on the culinary and medicinal benefits of this special food

Visit Yorkshire and the Rhubarb Triangle

The rhubarb triangle and rhubarb tours are only 45 minutes drive from the Burn Hall hotel and we have some excellent offers available in February and March including our Yorkshire Deal and March Madness offers for this and details of our other offers please visit our offers page

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