planning a winter wedding

Planning A Winter Wedding? A Great idea

Planning a winter wedding? We have some great ideas to ensure you have the perfect day. As we approach the summer months, its high season for weddings with many couples choosing the summer months for their special day. The summer months, however, are not the only time of the year for a truly special and magical wedding day to remember.

If you are planning a winter wedding, it’s the same as a summer wedding, in that everything has to be organised and planned. However, there are some advantages of not having the wedding celebration in the height of summer. Firstly the cost, offers are available for what people see as off peak wedding season, secondly, availability, it is more likely you will get the dates you are looking for and also more of your guests will be available at this time of year regarding other weddings holidays etc. Lastly, the weather if you are planning for a winter wedding then you are prepared for the probable weather, in the height of summer a day booked with the hope of heat and sunshine can be the complete opposite with the wedding party unprepared.

Planning A Winter Wedding?

Here are just some of our ideas for a perfect winter wedding day;

All in one venue, true also in other times of the year but less chance of problems with travel, bad weather and all that can entail.

Timing, if you are looking for any daytime photos then an early ceremony time is essential such as late morning to give you the best chance pf getting those shots of the special day. You can also enjoy the drama of the low light giving you a wonderful array of photographs and memories of your special day. Another idea to consider is taking photos before the wedding

Candlelight. Both in the ceremony and reception great for wintertime and bring a special touch of elegance and romance for your special day

Wedding attire. If you are planning a winter wedding plan ahead and make sure you and your wedding party are warm.  there are for brides some fabulous stoles, wraps etc which can add to the sense of glamour and elegance of the wedding outfit. Velvet for bridegrooms bridesmaids etc can achieve this be it a velvet blazer or wrap or bridesmaid dress. If its really cold a pair of tights is a good idea under the dress especially if you are outside having photos. A pair of outside shoes is also a good idea especially for brides and bridesmaids. Grounds at this time of the year can easily ruin a pair of light or fabric covered shoes so a pair for outside is a good idea so your shoes are protected.

Colours and Sparkle. Whilst you can choose to have any colour theme for your wedding at any time of the year. The winter months and low light lend themselves to act as a great backdrop for a range of winter colours but also the simplicity of white and creams. Low light and candlelight however are superb at highlighting sparkles making  the day and venue utterly magical. This can range from sequins and beading in the outfits to chargers or underplates on the table as well as glitter and confetti.

Flowers and decorations. Dark green foliage is plentiful at this time of the year and is a great foil to give great effect to the bouquets, buttonholes, flowers table arrangements etc. Flowers tend to last better in cooler times and so will look fresh throughout the day. Whilst there are a few flowers that are truly seasonal, in modern times most flowers can be obtained throughout the year. Enquires should be made early on to enable any particularly favoured flowers can be sourced and priced. If you are planning a winter wedding in the last couple of months of he year you may wish to check with the venue regarding their plans re Christmas decorations which may not enhance or clash with your theme decorations etc

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